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Key Features:

  • Compatible with HiTemp140-CF
  • Ideal for cans, jars, bottles, and flexible packaging
  • Facilitates precise heat penetration testing



The ThermaLock is designed to support accurate temperature monitoring across a variety of food packaging formats including cans, jars, bottles, recart packaging, and pouches. When used in conjunction with the HiTemp140-CF, the ThermaLock ensures that temperature readings are both accurate and reliable, essential for comprehensive heat penetration testing and cold spot detection. Its sturdy construction allows it to withstand the rigorous conditions of food processing, making it an essential component for ensuring the safety and quality of packaged foods.


HiTemp140-CF Specification Sheet

Can Sizing Guide

HPT System Installation Guide

HiTemp140-CF Product User Guide

Part Numbers

ThermaLock-1.1 — 902122-00
ThermaLock-2.1 — 902435-00
ThermaLock-3.1 — 902128-00
ThermaLock-3.9 — 902119-00