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Welcoming the Latest Ex Line

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MadgeTech is announcing the latest release of the RHTemp1000 and Temp1000 Ex line. The new RHTemp1000Ex and Temp1000Ex will carry ATEX, IECEx, and FM 3610 certifications. ATEX and IECEx approvals are similar to the IS ratings but are considered globally accepted. Additionally, these loggers are more widely recognized and assist those who must adhere to specific guidelines while working in hazardous conditions. These loggers are specifically designed to ensure the safety of products being used in explosive environments.

Please note that the RHTemp1000IS and the Temp1000IS will still be available to purchase. The Ex line is an addition to the current product line.

Both units have the same enclosure as the existing RHTemp1000IS and Temp1000IS units and the same functionality. They are compatible with both IFC400 and IFC406 interfaces.

Click here, to learn more about the Temp1000Ex, and here, to learn about the RHTemp1000Ex. If you would like to obtain further information on the release of the Ex Line, please contact MadgeTech at [email protected] or call (603) 456-2011.

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