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MadgeTech Simplifies Wet-Bulb, Dry-Bulb Measurements and Calculations with the LCS140

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Gone are the days of manually calculating relative humidity, there’s finally a hassle-free solution for compliance reporting. MadgeTech is taking the trouble out of wet-bulb, dry-bulb monitoring with its latest data logging solution, the LCS140 Lethality Compliance System.

The LCS140 was specifically designed for meat processors as a hanging data logging system to record high temperatures inside smokers, dehydrators and ovens. At the heart of the LCS140, is a dual probe temperature data logger for recording wet-bulb and dry-bulb measurements up to 140 °C (284 °F).

The dry-bulb, 2” probe measures ambient temperature, while the wet-bulb, 5” simultaneous measures the extent of cooling. The wet-bulb probe is socked and suspended directly above the mounted, shatterproof reservoir to ensure continuous wicking throughout the cooking process. For extended cooking processes, the brushed aluminum reservoir is available in 8-ounces.

Once the process is complete, the data logger is easily removed from the fixture and the data is uploaded onto a PC. The secret is in the software! The MadgeTech 4 Software takes it from there, instantly calculating relative humidity with the click of a button.

Looking for a real-time solution? No problem! Use two RFOT wireless meat temperature data loggers, just slip a sock on a RFOT probe and place it in a reservoir. In the MadgeTech 4 Software, combine the data into one report and calculate the relative humidity.

To learn more about the LCS140, click here, to view the product page.
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