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Regulatory Oversight of Vaccines

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Vaccines are crucial in thwarting the spread of infectious diseases and are responsible for preventing 4 to 5 million deaths every year, that according to the World Health Organization. But before vaccines can be released for distribution, it takes several years to conduct both extensive lab testing and clinical trials. It’s a lengthy, but necessary process that includes the following government agencies to ensure vaccine safety.

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Food Safety and Plant-Based Meats

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Plant-based foods have grown in popularity over the past few years, with sales increasing by double digits in 2020. According to Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA), the plant-based food industry is valued at $7 billion with milk as the top seller followed by meat. As the market continues to evolve, so do food safety concerns over the technical challenges of formulating meat alternatives.

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7 Ancient Methods of Food Preservation

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Since the beginning of time, humans had to get creative when it came to survival. Ancient cultures around the world had to harness nature for local food sources while acclimating to the climate. Whether hunting or harvesting, food preservation allowed man to plan ahead and form a food supply. This was not only crucial for survival, but also for putting down roots and establishing communities.

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