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Top 3 Reasons to Go Digital

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While many have once relied on chart recorders to document temperature and other measurable conditions, companies have certainly agreed on making the switch to digital data logging software and applications. With a sleek design and several digital settings, data loggers provide the best accuracy in their recording and analysis capabilities. Data loggers have since proved to be the modern-day solution for temperature and humidity recording for various reasons, here are the top 3:


Data loggers are available in several shapes and sizes, making them easily accessible to meet the most demanding applications. Powered by advanced sensors, a data logger’s program options are endless and can be relied upon in the event of a power outage.

In terms of actual data accessibility, data loggers offer real-time analysis that can be viewed on a tablet, smartphone, or laptop, an important feature in which a strip chart recorder does not have. Thanks to downloadable software, users can view their data, download and back up the information from any location in the world.

Environmentally Conscious

As the trend for environmental awareness continues to rise, companies are implementing ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint. While data loggers create digital files, paper chart recorders create chart paper graphs, requiring large amounts of paper to be used within the process.

Besides using paper to record on, the strip chart recorder would require a large amount of space to store the data.  By using a data logger, a company can easily view their information digitally, providing more space in the workplace while conserving the environment.

Cost Awareness

Economic trends have caused companies to reconsider spending budgets within their entire business structure. This is a prominent reason as to why companies are so reliant on digital data loggers, simply because of their costs. A strip chart recorder requires calibration once a week in addition to the cost of the service technician.

Besides the calibration costs, reordering paper and pens are also required. The total cost of maintaining a strip chart recorder is far more expensive than owning data logger, which requires a one-time purchase. For example, the RFRTDTemp2000A wireless data logger requires little set up time, is reasonably priced, and requires a one time yearly calibration.

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