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Remote Monitoring During COVID-19

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Among the many changes the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, there has been a definite shift in device functionality importance. Remote monitoring is perhaps the most common of these changes as working from home is encouraged or mandated. For devices such as data loggers, remote monitoring was not obviously valuable as employees were going to work every day. Now, however, remote monitoring with the wireless data loggers is crucial. 

One key scenario where remote monitoring during the pandemic is extremely useful involves facilities that are currently shut down while employees work from home. For example, most museums and galleries are currently closed to the public, but conditions such as humidity and temperature still need to be measured to ensure the pieces in the facility are not damaged. Sending employees in to manually monitor exposes them to potential COVID risks while simultaneously making the facility unsanitary.  

In addition to social distancing benefits, remote monitoring offers financial peace of mind. Whether monitoring data for pharmaceuticals, food products, or energy businesses, having access to data in the palm of your hand decreases risk of ruined products or large shipments. Without physically going to the facility, building conditions can be carefully observed so when the time comes to reopen, there isn’t any costly surprise damage. 

Compatible with all MadgeTech wireless data loggers, the MadgeTech Cloud provides users with instant real-time data from any location. Companies don’t have to risk sending employees into work for monitoring and issues can be brought to attention immediately with email and text message alerts. 

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