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Internal Auditing for Vaccine Storage

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For research facilities, hospitals, clinics, doctor offices and other medical establishments, vaccine storage is absolutely critical to ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of vaccines administered. Although regulatory organizations carry out standard audits to examine vaccine storage procedures, it is important to conduct internal auditing. Especially in the times we are facing now with a global pandemic, vaccines ruined due to improper monitoring is simply not an option.

Protocol and timing are both important factors in vaccine storage. Delivery, handling, and distribution phases all should have an established schedule and comprehensive plan to maintain the integrity of vaccines. For example, flu vaccinations can begin as early as August, so determining when the vaccine will be administered is the central point when preparing a schedule and protocols.

Storage conditions are the vital component to guaranteeing vaccine integrity; no plan will be successful without impeccable detail to maintaining proper conditions. A crowded storage area can lead to temperature variance, which is why adequate space, and a continuous temperature monitoring system are necessary. Techniques such as keeping the vaccines in original packaging with date facing forward and organizing them in the center of the storage unit are a few common best practices.

With the recent overwhelming demand and supply for vaccines, data loggers are especially crucial to ensuring not a single vaccine of the limited supply distributed is tainted. Accurate and reliable data logging systems provide continuous data to validate safety, quality, and potency are maintained.

MadgeTech offers vaccine temperature monitoring systems that feature configurable alarms and notifications, ultra-low temperature ranges down to -100 °C, and long-term performance so no vaccines go to waste.

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