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How this Popular Area of a Business can Benefit from using Data Loggers

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Data loggers can be utilized throughout several areas of a company’s business structure. Data loggers are especially helpful in shipping, storage, and production areas. But, did you know they are just as useful within a manufacturing process? Data loggers used in a manufacturing area are capable of advancing productivity, improving manufacturing processes and applications, and ultimately help reduce operating costs.

The following are basic areas where data loggers are used as an advantage to a company’s manufacturing operation:


Data loggers are devices capable of providing users with complete data analysis anytime it is requested. Instead of manually entering data into an Excel sheet, or looking endlessly for information that was processed in the past, data logging software provides instant accessibility to any information from any time frame that the user is looking for.

With the MadgeTech 4 Data Logger Software, users are offered complete analysis, graphing, and other tools to optimize data logger usage. The software provides a simple way of analyzing and sharing any findings. This is useful for manufacturers who need to share their information with another department such as management, quality, or engineering. The reported data is available to review and can be exported into a spreadsheet while offering customized features for time markers, advanced statistics, and data table reports.


In addition to offering easy accessibility, data loggers can be used to understand any error at hand during the process of manufacturing. Employees can use data loggers to help determine how their manufacturing process can be improved and how their products are operating. Any error taking place within the process can be managed by the data loggers without wasting extra time and resources, while notifying the user of any fault immediately.

MadgeTech offers several data loggers that cover a variety of parameters that can be useful to manufacturers. They can be used in manufacturing applications, such as equipment power consumption monitoring, machinery troubleshooting, and event recording. The product line includes devices for temperature, current, shock, and pulse logging.

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