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Data Logging vs. Data Monitoring: Which Do I Need?

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Data logging and monitoring are the same thing, right? Wrong! The terms are often used interchangeably, however, they function differently but often work together to acquire critical information.

Both data logging and monitoring are valuable and provide insight into the performance of a machine or process that could affect safety and quality. When choosing which approach to take, keep in mind these three questions:

  1. Why are you taking the measurements?
  2. Do you need instant access to the readings?
  3. Do you want the readings recorded?

Data Logging

  • Records the event over time to provide a detailed report for analysis or compliance.
  • Does not provide instant access to readings, but rather a time-stamped report of the event after it has occurred.
  • Designed to record an event at user-specified intervals, readings must be downloaded to view.
  • Are typically not equipped with alarms and notifications to provide insight into current conditions and the opportunity for corrective action.

Data Monitoring

  • Ensure the application is properly performing in the moment – no waiting.
  • Provides instant access to readings including current, minimum and maximum statistics through a display.
  • Does not have recording capabilities, but rather provides real-time metrics of an event.
  • Equipped with alarms and notifications to alert when a parameter goes outside of the user-specified range, allowing users to take immediate action.


Although data logging and monitoring serve two different purposes, they are both needed to maintain and manage performance. Logging is key to gathering the data needed to maintain performance and pinpoint problems, while monitoring allows users to confirm proper performance and prevent problems.

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