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Autoclave Validation: One Device can Solve the Problem

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Picture you’re in a laboratory and notice there’s an autoclave. You slowly approach the device when suddenly it flashes, “CAUTION: HIGH TEMPERATURES”. It can’t be that hot, right? Then, you lean a bit closer, only to discover the temperature logger reading 135 degrees Celsius! While 135 °C may seem absurdly hot, autoclaves are in fact built to withstand these scorching temperatures for several reasons.

One of the autoclaves most relevant purpose includes sterilization validation. This is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the sterilization process. The autoclave utilizes steam heat in order to kill any potential bacteria on certain goods that could present contamination into a sensitive environment such as hospitals, laboratories, or food facilities.

To kill the bacteria, the temperature of the autoclave must be adjusted to the point where the bacteria can break down and evaporate. Therefore, autoclaves are set to very high temperatures. To ensure the instruments or goods are sterile, the autoclave process and temperatures must be monitored very closely.

Data loggers can play a significant role in monitoring the autoclave validation and sterilization process. For example, the HiTemp140 data logger is a stainless steel submersible device that can withstand temperatures up to 140°C, or 284 °F.  Once the sterilization cycle is complete, just connect the logger to a computer and the data will load onto MadgeTech’s free software, which will allow you to view all the reading and even create reports.

The HiTemp140 is sold individually or as a Validation Data Logging System which includes an interface cable, licensed software corresponding with the logger, and a calibration certificate.

To learn more about the sterilization and validation process, click here.

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