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5 Reasons to Create a MadgeTech Cloud Account

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Have eyes on critical processes, at all times of the day, from anywhere with MadgeTech Cloud Services. Compatible with all MadgeTech wireless data loggers, the platform gives you the power to access your data right from the palm of your hand, and it’s completely free of charge. Here are the Top 5 reasons why you should set up an account today!

1.    Access Data Instantly Anytime, Anywhere

After creating an account and connecting the logger(s), the platform will securely transmit data to be viewed remotely on any internet or Wi-Fi enabled device from anywhere in the world. Supported web browsers include:

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Opera

2.  Real-time Data Monitoring

Interested in viewing recorded data the moment it happens? The MadgeTech Cloud can provide readings in real-time, ensuring accuracy and verification within the layout and configuration of the logger(s). 

3.    Group Loggers

For larger facilities with multiple loggers, users can “group” the loggers together for organizational purposes within the MadgeTech Cloud. Once data loggers have been claimed, users may then assign them to groups and subgroups. Groups can be differentiated by adding specified logger group names and descriptions.

4.    Control Access to Data within an Organization

When using the MadgeTech Cloud, data is not only accessible, but manageable between several users within a workplace. In terms of cloud access, there are three different types of user permissions:

  • Read Only User – Provided with visibility to data, does not have the ability to change settings
  • Logger User – Can change logger settings, create alarms, and group loggers
  • Admin Role – Full control of cloud settings and full access to account

5.  Immediate User Notifications

The MadgeTech Cloud can notify users via text message or email whenever their systems are out of an acceptable range. Additionally, this feature can be configured to repeatedly send out messages until the questionable reading(s) have been addressed.

Click here, to set up a MadgeTech Cloud account now!

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