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Are MadgeTech loggers ISO:17025 certified?

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Are MadgeTech data loggers ISO:17025 certified?

MadgeTech has ISO:17025 accreditation for several parameters, and many of the MadgeTech loggers will come with an ISO:17025 accredited certificate of calibration. To see our scope, and the loggers that are supplied with accredited calibrations, see more information on our calibration page:

Is it possible to use a longer cable with the IFC200?

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It is possible to use a longer 3.5mm stereo auxiliary cable with the IFC200, to increase the overall length. MadgeTech’s supplied cable is approximately 6 feet. This can be replaced with a cable with a maximum length of up to 100 ft, though performance may vary depending on the quality of the cable, so shorter cables would typically be recommended.

What are the different types of Thermocouple connectors?

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There are three types of Thermocouple connector types: Mini Plug (also known as SMP or sub-miniature plug), Screw Terminal, and Terminal Block. Many of our thermocouple data loggers have different models available for each type of thermocouple connector.

The first is a Mini Plug, and is the easiest connector type as the thermocouple will be prewired into a plug-in terminal for you. 

The second is the Screw Terminal, which requires that the data logger case be opened and the thermocouple wires be connected inside the data logger so that they cannot be removed without opening the data logger. 

The last is the Terminal Block connection type, which has a greenie connected to the data logger. The thermocouple wires are connected to the greenie plug so that it can be removed from the body of the data logger. 

The TC101A shown with a mini plug connector (TC101A-MP).

The TC101A shown with a screw terminal connector (TC101A-ST).

The TC101A shown with a terminal block connector (TC101A-TB).