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Weary Warehouse Plan? Here’s a Brilliant Solution to Improve Your Worksite

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Creating and implementing an ideal warehouse plan requires strategic organization in order to ensure proper safety precautions when leading an effective, successful business.

A warehouse plan is defined as a set of design principles that abide by certain safety regulations and protocols that allow for projected growth within the process and production of a company.  

An up-to-date warehouse plan should be designed for efficiency and can play a crucial part in the manufacturing, storing, and sales phase of a company’s operation. With ever changing regulations and increase in competition, a successful warehouse plan should abide and exceed the guidelines outlined by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

GMP refers to good manufacturing practice, which was designed by the US Food and Drug Administration. These regulations require manufacturers who work in the production and processing of drugs, medical devices, and certain food, take active steps to ensure that their products are safe and effective to store, sell, and ship to customers.  

MadgeTech has created a user-friendly warehouse guide that carefully outlines steps to assist workers in determining warehouse mapping needs for GMP compliance, how to determine and identify areas at risk, and how to select appropriate equipment that will ultimately provide minimal data loss by offering the most accurate information.

To learn more about how data loggers assist with warehouse monitoring and mapping, click here.

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