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Top 3 Pros and Cons of Hydroponic Systems

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Thinking about ditching the mess and trading those bags of soil for a hydroponic system? You may be on to something, but before you make the switch, get a grasp of the advantages and disadvantages of the growing medium before picking out the right hydro system for your operation.


Let’s start with the No. 1 perk of growing cannabis with hydroponics, most plant grow faster during the vegetative stage, bringing in bigger yields! Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Here are the three main factors that encourage higher yields and early harvests:

1. Nutrient Intake

While figuring out the perfect blend of nutrients can be hard at first, they are much easier to control. Since the plants’ root system is open, nutrients and oxygen are delivered directly to the roots. By taking away the plants’ need to search for diluted nutrients, the plant will grow up instead of out.

2. No Pests, No Problem

Ok, so maybe your plants won’t be completely guarded from pests, but for many soil is necessary to live. Plus, without the use of soil the growing environment is easier to keep clean and clear of any unwanted intruders.

3. More Personal Space

With hydroponic systems, plants are not fighting for root space so they grow up, taking up less space. That means you can grow more plants at once!


While there are many more benefits of hydroponics, there are a few considerable downfalls to be aware of:

1. Setup Costs

This is by far the biggest disadvantage. Whether you are going big or small, the initial setup of a hydroponic system is expensive. Take into consideration all the accessories you will need to get it up and running. However, with faster growth and potentially higher yields, you should make up that money in no time.

2. Learning Curve

If this is your first time growing using hydroponics, it could take some time to feel comfortable with this method. From setup, to constant monitoring be prepared to spend some quality time with your new system to work out the technicalities.

3. Equipment Failure

This is your greatest risk with a hydroponics. If a piece of the system fails, like a water pump, your plants can be killed off within a matter of hours. Without soil, there is no water or nutrient storage for plants to feed off of. Much like any typical grow room, if you have a power outage, be ready to step in to provide some TLC.


With the notable advantages of hydroponic systems, is seems like a beneficial option for growers. There are also many different types of systems available, whether you decide to go with a reservoir or a form of substrate, to retain water and nutrients.

Hydroponics may seem intimidating at first, but practice makes perfect. Good luck and happy growing!

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