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The Meaning Behind MadgeTech

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MadgeTech is a well-known name worldwide for its quality data logging systems and dedication to customer service, but what is the meaning behind the name?

In 1996, Norman Carlson began his entrepreneurial journey, starting out as a one-man operation and transforming it into a 60+ employee company with over 100 distributors across the globe. Although he put in the hard work, Norm can’t take all the credit for his success, instead, he says it’s his Great-Aunt Madge who helped him pave the way.

When Great-Aunt Madge passed away, she left Norm with $2,750, which he invested into his passion of creating innovative ideas (specifically geared towards data loggers) by purchasing a Gateway PC. With his new Gateway PC, Norm had the ability to take his ideas and turn them into actual material. He spent a considerable amount of time designing hardware, writing firmware and the entire software for the first data logger he created, the Temp101 temperature data logger.

The success of designing his first data logger and software lead Norm to open his own business, turning what was once a small dream of his into a reality. With the opening of the company, Norm wanted to pay tribute to his Great-Aunt Madge and with a little bit of brainstorming, the name MadgeTech was created.

About MadgeTech Marketing:

Founded in 1996, MadgeTech takes pride in maintaining our production process entirely out of our headquarters in Warner, New Hampshire. Proudly known as an industry expert, MadgeTech data logging solutions are sold in more than 100 countries around the world to the world’s most regulated industries, providing the validation needed for compliance and quality control.