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The Environmental Factors that Ruin Fine Cigars

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Crafting a fine cigar is an art that relies on the conditions of the surrounding environment and those standards must be maintained for the best experience. Since cigars are hygroscopic, they absorb moisture in a humid space, but dry out just as fast.

To preserve the quality and flavor of a cigar, its native environment must be recreated and maintained. Controlling temperature and humidity are the key to ensuring the best quality product, especially in storage.


The most common way to store cigars is in a humidor, however, temperature is hard to manage in humidors without temperature control devices. It’s recommended that cigars be stored at the optimal temperature if 70 ºF (21 ºC).

If exposed to hot conditions, cigars will rot. Combined with poor humidity levels, high temperatures encourage the growth of cigar beetles and mold. Cigar beetles can turn into a bigger problem if conditions are just right. Their eggs can start hatching at temperatures above 77 ºF (25 ºC) with a humidity level above 75%, and they can affect the entire cigar collection.

Cold temperatures directly affect the cigar wrapper due to temperature shock. When lighting a dry cigar, the heat from the flame will cause the wrapper of a cold cigar to contract, expand, then break. If a cigar is not only cold, but also damp, evaporation inside the cigar will trigger cracks in the wrapper.


According to aficionados, cigars should be kept at humidity levels between 65%-72%. When a cigar is produced it contains between 12%-15% moisture content, that moisture must be maintained until the cigar is smoked, or it could ruin it.

Cigars exposed to excessive humidity above 72% will absorb the moisture and become damp. The excess humidity is absorbed into the tobacco leaves causing the cigar to swell, making it almost impossible to draw smoke through. The dampness will also cause an uneven burn, which will ruin the intended flavor strategically layered throughout the cigar.

If a cigar is left out on in the sun, on a hot day or a windy one, it will dry out the cigar. A dry cigar will burn fast and hot, which adds heat to the smoke and burns the flavor. Once a cigar completely dries out, the essential oils evaporate, and its flavor is lost.

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