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HVAC Systems Keep Passengers Comfortable During Travel

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In the United States and Europe, government agencies have established regulations for the transportation of animals, including that shipping climates be maintained between 45 °F to 85 °F. However, there are no such standards in place for travelers in the sky, on the rails, or on the ground.

No matter the form of mass transit, you have probably experienced it for yourself, the interior is either boiling hot or bone-chilling cold. You’re not alone, it’s very rare a comfortable medium is sustained since most of these vehicles are decades old with outdated HVAC equipment. But without set standards in place, most forms of public transportation will continue with business as usual.

Extreme weather outside can impact the comfort level in just mere minutes whether you are on a plane, train or bus. Unfortunately, more commonly than not, there’s instances where temperatures breach levels that would be considered illegal if animals were on-board.

Despite the lack of regulations protecting passenger safety, a few years ago airlines started establishing “safe” temperatures after a flight attendant fainted in an overheated plane. Now, most airlines will not board the plane if temperatures exceed 85 °F to 90 °F, which some consider perfectly safe for most people.

As aging infrastructure is being retired, studies are conducted to not only improve the safety and efficiency, but also the comfort of newer models. When it comes to comfort, MadgeTech data loggers are critical to collection of information during the testing, production and operation of HVAC systems. Ideal for constantly monitoring temperature, humidity and pressure levels, data loggers provide valuable information to help identify heating and cooling issues, improve efficiency and save energy.

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