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Achieving Perfection Through Process Control

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Process control is no stranger in industrial environments, but rather a common staple found around every corner. In fact, a variety of systems are often implemented for monitoring a single production process, to the operations of an entire facility. By keeping tabs on all changing variables during manufacturing, process monitoring is vital to running a successful business.

The purpose of process monitoring is to react early to a bad or unwanted activity. With a reliable monitoring system in place, the process operator should be able to quickly detect an out-of-control situation and make the necessary changes to bring it back under control. Monitoring each step of the production process helps build and maintain a quality product, and will lower company costs by not having to scrap or rework bad products.

These days quality is not an option and real-time monitoring is required at each step where a critical control point is present, instead of waiting until the end of the production process. By identifying and monitoring variables, including incoming raw materials, avoids inconsistency while reassuring the quality of the product.

Data loggers are an essential tool for obtaining a performance profile of a process. The data collected can then be used to calculate control limits, as well as improve and maintain processes. MadgeTech offers a line of wireless data loggers that provide instant access to real-time readings via LCD screen and directly to a central PC. MadgeTech Cloud Services also gives users the option to remotely view data and the power to detect a problem as it unfolds.

To learn more about how MadgeTech data loggers can improve quality and product yield through process control, click here.

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