Customized weatherproof enclosure.



The WaterboxOB3K is a customized weatherproof enclosure designed for use with MadgeTech data loggers. Compatible with the 4- and 8-channel X Series Models as well as the 4-channel XLCD Series Models, this enclosure provides a water-tight seal, allowing non-water resistant data loggers to be used in wet environments. Please note that the enclosure is not submersible.

The WaterboxOB3K is comprised out of a tough, high-quality polycarbonate plastic with an internal foam padding material to form a seal around external cables when closed. It comes with a lanyard for convenient portability.

• Exterior Dimensions: 8.81 in. x 5.17 in. x 2.00 in.
• Interior Dimensions: 7.64 in. x 3.72 in x 1.23 in.


O-Ring Maintenance Guide

Part Numbers

WaterboxOB3K — 901869-00