RFC1000 Wireless Transceiver

Wireless transceiver for the RFOT and RF2000A series.



Wireless transceiver for the RFOT and RF2000A series. Includes USB to mini USB adapter and RFC1000 wireless transceiver. The new design includes a higher powered transceiver and a substantially longer transmit range, meaning better performance in all environments.

The RFC1000 features a 7 in. pivoting external antenna, which increases the transmission distance and provides greater signal strength. The pivoting antenna also allows more flexibility with mounting orientation. The RFC1000 can be used as a repeater or plugged directly into your PC.

Please see data sheet for a list of countries approved for use, purchase and distribution.


RFC1000 Wireless Transceiver Specification Sheet

RFC1000 Wireless Transceiver Product User Guide


Part Numbers

RFC1000 Wireless Transceiver — 901383-00