RFC1000-IP69K Splash Proof Transceiver

Splash proof wireless transceiver for RFOT and RF2000A series.



Splash proof wireless transceiver for the RFOT and RF2000A series. Includes USB to mini USB adapter and RFC1000-IP69K wireless transceiver. The splash proof transceiver can be installed directly in the wash down location, ensuring 100% communication throughout the entire process.  This model includes a high powered transceiver with an IP69K ingress protection rating.

The RFC1000-IP69K has a substantial transmit range, providing superior performance in occluded environments such as ovens and refrigerators. The RFC1000-IP69K also includes an external antenna which is protected by a neoprene boot, allowing more flexibility with mounting positions in both orientation and proximity to metal walls. The RFC1000-IP69K is designed to communicate between MadgeTech’s two-way wireless data loggers and the MadgeTech software. Connects to a maximum of 64 data loggers.

Please see data sheet for a list of countries approved for use, purchase and distribution.


RFC1000-IP69K Specification Sheet

RFC1000-IP69K Product User Guide


Part Numbers

RFC1000-IP69K — 901389-00