RFC1000-CE Wireless Transceiver

Wireless transceiver for the RFOT and RF2000A series.



MadgeTech’s new RFC1000-CE is a powerful wireless receiver for use with the RFOT and RF2000A series and is CE approved for the European market. The RFC1000-CE transmits to other RFC1000-CEs up to 2500 ft. outdoors/line of sight, 700 ft. typical indoors/urban.

The RFC1000-CE transmits to data loggers up to 2000 ft. outdoors/line of sight, 500 ft. typical indoors/urban. Additional RFC1000-CEs can be used as repeaters to transmit greater distances. The new RFC1000-CE also includes an external antenna, allowing more flexibility with mounting positions in both orientation and proximity to metal walls. This may be used as a repeater, or directly plugged into the PC.

Please see data sheet for a list of countries approved for use, purchase and distribution.


RFC1000-CE Specification Sheet

RFC1000-CE Product User Guide


Part Numbers

RFC1000-CE Wireless Transceiver — 901388-00