Thermal shield for all styles of the HiTemp140X2 dual probe data logger.



The HiTemp140X2-TS is a thermal shield for the HiTemp140X2 dual probe data loggers, designed for use with all styles of the HiTemp140X2.

This durable enclosure allows the data logger to be used in temperatures from –200 °C to +250 °C, making it ideal for peanut roasting, food processing, autoclave validation and other extreme temperature applications. To use, simply place the HiTemp140X2 in the IFC400 or IFC406 docking station (sold separately).

Use the MadgeTech software to program a start method and reading rate. Place the HiTemp140X2 in the HiTemp140X2-TS enclosure and screw it back together. The device is ready to be deployed.


HiTemp140X2-TS Data Sheet

Part Numbers

HiTemp140X2-TS — 900285-00