Empowering Industries
with Precision Data Logging

At MadgeTech, we take pride in empowering a diverse range of industries with our precision data logging solutions. With a steadfast commitment to quality and customer service, we’ve become the trusted choice for organizations seeking accurate, reliable, and industry-specific data loggers. Explore our extensive product range and discover how MadgeTech can elevate your data monitoring needs to new heights.



High Temperature
Data Logger
Designed to operate within a wide temperature range, the HiTemp140 can monitoring from -40°C to +140°C. With its remarkable capability to capture temperature readings at a rapid one-second interval, it proves indispensable in various high-temperature settings. Whether you're conducting autoclave validations, oven mappings, or similar applications, the HiTemp140 is your reliable companion for accurate and consistent temperature monitoring in extreme environments.
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Ultra Low Temperature
Data Logger
The CryoTemp was specifically engineered to cover a temperature spectrum ranging from a chilling -86°C to a more moderate +35°C. Its versatility is further enhanced with the inclusion of a visual alarming LED, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Whether you're overseeing the transport of dry ice shipments, maintaining precise conditions in blood banks, or safeguarding cryogenic storage, the CryoTemp is your ultimate solution for accurate temperature monitoring in these critical scenarios.
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Wireless Temperature & Humidity Data Logger
The RFRHTemp2000A is a comprehensive monitoring device designed to seamlessly measure both ambient temperature and humidity levels. With its user-friendly LCD display and wireless connectivity, it enables real-time data tracking with ease. Whether you're overseeing warehouse conditions, maintaining the cleanliness of a controlled environment in a clean room, or conducting precise experiments in a laboratory setting, the RFRHTemp2000A proves to be the ideal choice for accurate and efficient temperature and humidity monitoring in a variety of professional settings.
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Titan S8

Portable Data
Acquisition Logger
Experience the Titan S8, an all-in-one 8-channel data logger equipped with an intuitive interactive touchscreen. This remarkable device allows you to simultaneously monitor a diverse range of parameters, including temperature, voltage, current, pulse, and frequency. Tailored for the demands of industrial equipment monitoring, electronic manufacturing processes, and automotive engineering tasks, the Titan S8 serves as the ultimate solution for comprehensive and efficient data collection in these dynamic and critical environments.
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