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Process101A Data Logger

Low Cost, State-of-the-Art, Low Level DC Current Data Logger with a 10 Year Battery Life and 1 Million Reading Storage Capacity. Includes NIST traceable calibration certificate.

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The Process101A Data Logger measures and records low level DC current and is available in three different measurement ranges, 20 mA, ±160 mA and ±3 A. This device is ideal for many process driven, general purpose current recording applications including battery or photovoltaic studies.

All of the ranges offer a 10 year battery life, 4 Hz reading rate, programmable or pushbutton start/stop and a 1 million reading storage capacity with optional memory wrap. These features allow for long term active logging deployment and low maintenance. As with many of MadgeTech’s 101A series of data loggers, the screw terminal block is designed to easily connect and disconnect to the logger body to simplify retrieval of the device for downloading data by keeping the wiring to the terminal block in place.

Other features of the Process101A include a battery life indicator, optional password protection, programmable high-low alarms and more.

Using the MadgeTech Software makes configuring the data logger and  downloading data simple and user friendly. Graphical, tabular and summary data format options are provided for analysis and data can be viewed in A, mA or μA. The data can also be exported to Excel® for further customized reporting or calculations.


Current Range 20 mA: -2 to 30mA
±160 mA: ±160 mA
±3 A: ±3 A
Current Resolution 20 mA: 0.5 μA
±160 mA: 5 μA
±3 A: 100 μA
Current Calibrate Accuracy 20 mA, 160 mA: ±0.05 %FSR
3 A: ±0.15 %FSR
Current Input Impedance 20 mA: 10 Ω, ±1%
±160 mA: 1 Ω, ±1 %
±3 A:<0.05 Ω


Memory 1,000,000 readings; software configurable memory wrap
333,000 readings in multiple start/stop mode
Reading Rate 4 Hz to 1 reading every 24 hours
Baud Rate 115,200
Channels 1
LED Indicators Red & Green
Battery Life 10 year battery life typical, at a 15 minute reading rate
Material ABS plastic
Dimensions 1.4 in x 2.2 in x 0.6 in (36 mm x 56 mm x 16 mm)
Operating Environment -40 °C to +80 °C (-40 °F to +176 °F), 0 %RH to 95 %RH non-condensing
Required Interface Package IFC200
Approvals CE
Weight 0.0500 LBS

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  1. Process101A Review Review by Eric Scott

    I have used Process101A in the field to record the signal from a 4-20mA output encoder to measure displacement. It worked like the specs said. The software was also good except for realtime measuring and display, there were bugs.
    Also, if the IFC200 was connected during logging, the recorded signals were incorrect.

    Three things would make this much better:

    1 - Incorporate the USB connectivity on the board with the logger. This device can then connect directly to a PC with just a USB cable. It is a pain to have to remember to bring this IFC200 adapter everywhere, and the risk of losing it or damaging it. Especially in a mining environment.
    This would be the biggest improvement.

    2 - Faster sampling rate - at least 10 samples per second. The low rate a 4 per second is very limiting to what we can measure. Otherwise we would buy many more of these to measure many signals that change faster.

    3 - Use standard Li batteries like 1/2AA sized such as Tekcell SB-AA02 3.6V or a Tadarin Li or a Li camera battery. The square batteries that come with it are an odd package cannot be found easily and cannot be stored and transported easily to the field for spares.

    The above improvements would far out weigh an increase in size. This logger already has greatly reduced the amount of gear needed so even a doubling in size and weight would be minuscule compared to the benefits.

    Thanks (Posted on 2/6/12)

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