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  • MadgeTech RFC1000 Cloud Relay
  • Dry Heat Sterilization System
  • ThermaLock Pro
  • MadgeTech EtO Data Logger
  • MadgeTech PRTemp140 Data Logger
  • MadgeTech AVS, Autoclave Validation System

Data Logger Applications and Data Logging Solutions

Welcome to MadgeTech, we build data loggers. MadgeTech is proudly known across the globe as the industry expert and leading manufacturer of data loggers available today.  MadgeTech performs all data logger engineering, manufacturing and servicing here in the USA and products are distributed worldwide. Contact MadgeTech today for data logger solutions to measure and record pressure, humidity, shock or temperature data, serving many industries including food, pharmaceuticals, energy and more.

Data Loggers for Medical Applications
Data Loggers for Steam Sterilization
Wireless Data Loggers
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Twice a month we publish a 'Casual Fridays' blog post, an opportunity to give readers a fun and personal look at our staff and what makes MadgeTech great!

For the past two weeks it feels like whether we are checking social media, watching the news or just taking a stroll, we can't seem to break free from Pokémon Go! Since its launch on July 6th, the game is making an estimated $1.6 million a day from users in the U.S. alone and Nintendo shares have more than doubled. In light of the recent success of the app, we asked 'MadgeTechies' what their favorite app was... and it appears none of us have the desire to play the digital version of the 1990's franchise.

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A new trend in food and beverage packaging is helping Korean consumers stay healthy and hydrated this summer, and it might be coming to your neighborhood supermarket in the near future. Many Korean manufacturers have begun to use aseptic packaging to hold nutritious beverages like fruit juice and milk, and researchers and consumers alike are realizing it could be a revolution in food safety and convenience.

Aseptic processing involves sterilizing both a product and its container individually before filling and sealing the packaging. For many years, aseptic processing has been the industry standard in the pharmaceutical business, but now the technology is beginning to realize its full potential in applications with everyday food and beverage items. Aseptically packaged food is typically contained in retort pouches made of paper, flexible plastic, and aluminum. Retort pouches are used for everything from ready-to-eat military rations (MREs) to the fruit punch your mother brought you after soccer practice. These rugged, durable pouches, in conjunction with the sterilization process, create germ-free food and drinks whose shelf life far exceeds products in traditional packages.

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