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Data Logger Applications and Data Logging Solutions

Welcome to MadgeTech, we build data loggers. MadgeTech is proudly known across the globe as the industry expert and leading manufacturer of data loggers available today.  MadgeTech performs all data logger engineering, manufacturing and servicing in the USA. MadgeTech creates data logger solutions to measure and record pressure, humidity, and temperature data, serving a wide variety of applications and industries including food, pharmaceuticals, energy and more.

Data Loggers for Medical Applications
Data Loggers for Steam Sterilization
Wireless Data Loggers
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MadgeTech Releases Versatile HiTemp140-M12 Data LoggerMadgeTech announces the release of the HiTemp140-M12, a high temperature data logger that accepts RTD probes with M12 connectors. With interchangeable probe options, this powerful device lends itself to an extremely wide array of applications.

This unique data logger design is revolutionary in the sense that compatible probes are easily and quickly interchanged. This not only makes the device application dynamic, but eliminates problems and delays with broken probes as they are easily replaced by the user, saving headaches, valuable time and money.

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The Sterilization Industry Expects Major Growth Through 2020

As long as medical facilities exist, the need for decontamination technologies, including sterilization equipment, will remain an essential part of the process. Decontamination and infection controls help stop the spread of diseases to ensure safe environments.

Market analysis tells us that the infection control market will be worth around $16.7 billion by the year 2020. With advancements in sterilization technologies becoming more frequent, high heat and low temperature sterilization are continually gaining popularity in more industries.

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