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  • Meat Pasteurization Temperature Data Logger
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  • MadgeTech AVS, Autoclave Validation System
  • LyoTemp, Lyophilization Data Logger
  • MadgeTech VTMS, Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System

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Welcome to MadgeTech, we build data loggers. MadgeTech is proudly known across the globe as the industry expert and leading manufacturer of data loggers available today.  All MadgeTech data loggers are designed and manufactured in the USA by our world-class engineering and production teams. Our pressure, humidity, and temperature data loggers are used to measure and record data for a wide variety of applications in many industries including food, pharmaceuticals, energy and more.

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Almost any data logger can take the mild outdoor temperatures on an average sunny summer day. But can it stand up to the sub-zero temperatures of the Antarctic?

That’s the task designated for the data loggers that are taken on expeditions by some of the world’s foremost Antarctic explorers. They work in conditions that are almost other-worldly, filled with cold, white-outs, high winds and shifting terrain. Temperatures can fluctuate rapidly, and the data loggers have to withstand temperature extremes, high humidity, water and physical impacts if dropped or otherwise impacted.

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MadgeTech Data Loggers used in the Pharmaceutical Processing IndustryData loggers seem to be everywhere these days, and for very sound reasons. The wide range of features and capabilities provided by these generally small electronic devices have proven highly beneficial to a number of industries, including the aerospace, automotive, HVAC, and transportation sectors.

To accommodate the widely varying tasks that data loggers are called upon to carry out, they are available for a broad range of applications; many of these devices are designed to detect humidity and/or temperature, while others monitor other phenomena, such as vibrations, carbon dioxide levels, water pressure, and other parameters. Given the enormous design flexibility of these devices, it's no surprise that data loggers have also found a home in the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, the use of data loggers in the pharmaceutical sector has boomed in recent years and has simplified compliance needs for this heavily regulated industry. With that in mind, let's explore the various benefits that data loggers provide to pharmaceutical professionals worldwide.

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