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  • MadgeTech HiTemp140X2 Dual Probe Data Logger
  • MadgeTech HiTemp140-FR Data Logger
  • MadgeTech RFCO2RHTemp2000A Data Logger
  • MadgeTech RFOT, Wireless Meat Temperature Data Logger
  • MadgeTech AVS, Autoclave Validation System
  • LyoTemp, Lyophilization Data Logger
  • MadgeTech VTMS, Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System
  • MadgeTech Temp1000IS, Intrinsically Safe Temperature Data Logger

Data Loggers and Data Logging Solutions

Welcome to MadgeTech, we build data loggers. MadgeTech is proudly known across the globe as the industry expert and leading manufacturer of data loggers available today.  All MadgeTech data loggers are designed and manufactured in the USA by our world-class engineering and production teams. Our pressure, humidity, and temperature data loggers are used to measure and record data for a wide variety of applications in many industries including food, pharmaceuticals, energy and more.

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RHTemp1000 and RHTemp1000IS have been redesignedMadgeTech's RHTemp1000 and RHTemp1000IS Humidity and Temperature Data Loggers have a new design! The stainless steel body with new sintered cap provide increased accuracy and more resistance to harsh environments found in medical, pharmaceutical and EtO sterilization applications.

This compact, rugged device is made of 316 Stainless Steel and is prepared to withstand a host of hostile environments. The RHTemp1000 has been used for everything from medical applications to micro-malting in breweries.

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Food Storage TemperatureWith so much discussion today about how food is harvested and grown, it seems that the discourse is always the same. While is it important to know where your food comes from, equally important is to know how your food it stored prior to purchase, since the goal is to eat fresh, quality food. Food safety is a big cause for concern in this country, and it should be, considering that nearly 3,000 Americans die from food poisoning every year.

Data loggers provide the necessary information to ensure that your food is as safe and as fresh as possible when it is sold and distributed.

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