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Data Logger Applications and Data Logging Solutions

Welcome to MadgeTech, we build data loggers. MadgeTech is proudly known across the globe as the industry expert and leading manufacturer of data loggers available today.  MadgeTech performs all data logger engineering, manufacturing and servicing here in the USA and products are distributed worldwide. Contact MadgeTech today for data logger solutions to measure and record pressure, humidity, shock or temperature data, serving many industries including food, pharmaceuticals, energy and more.

Data Loggers for Medical Applications
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Wireless Data Loggers
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How many things have you eaten, purchased or come in contact with this week that were made possible or safe due to data loggers? You might be surprised.

The purpose of a data logger is ultimately to increase the efficiency and accuracy of a process. This is true for essentially every application imaginable. In simple terms, data loggers collect information, this data helps users learn about the process or system that the data logger is monitoring, and provides the opportunity to respond or adjust to improve the result. In many cases, just having a report of the recorded data to prove the process was well executed is the most important job of the data logger. This applies to any operation or facility that is regulated.

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Heather Gall, an assistant professor of agriculture and biological engineering puts on her tick spray and her water proof waders and goes to the pond at one of Penn States Living Filter spray fields. The water that she is studying is treated sewage wastewater from the university that had been sprayed into the forest a half a mile off campus. All of the soil and vegetation of the Penn State owned sites are four miles from the sewage treatment plant. The “Living Filter” is a project that has been funded by Penn States Sustainability Institutes reinvention fund. The purpose is to examine sustainability of the Living Filter wastewater reuse system that has been operating on the Penn State campus for 50 years.

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