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When I close the MadgeTech data logger software, I receive an error message that says, "An error occurred while opening the configuration file."

This message appears usually followed by a few more error messages:
"Unable to write to configuration file! Unknown error (65520)"
"An error occurred while opening the units configuration file."
"Unable to write to units file! Unknown error (65520)"

The error message occurs if the user does not have write privileges to the 'Config.ini' and 'Units.ini' files in the MadgeTech software installation directory.

By default the configuration files are stored in the following location:
C:\Program Files\MadgeTech 2.0X, or
C:\Program Files (x86)\MadgeTech 2.0X

These files store user preferences such as Comm Port selection, Baud Rate selection, Measurement Unit preferences, etc. User preferences are saved upon exit so that next time the MadgeTech data logger software is opened it uses the same settings configured last. If the user does not have write access to the specified files, software preferences would need to be set each time the software is opened. The software is otherwise unaffected.

There is only one set of preferences per MadgeTech installation. That means if there are multiple users using MadgeTech software, the preferences selected upon next open will be the same as they were during the last close, regardless of user (assuming they have write access to the necessary files).

Setting the proper privileges can help safe guard a software configuration. For example, if an employer wishes to have the MadgeTech software always load with pre-configured preferences, remove write access to the configuration files from all users.

Your company's IT department can set the read/write privileges of the MadgeTech installation directory, or of just the specified files, so that the configuration settings will be saved when the software is closed.