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Please use the following instructions to set up wireless alarms in the MadgeTech 2 graphing software. In addition to these instructions, MadgeTech has also hosted a video on which walks you through setting up screen alarms and email alarms in the MadgeTech 2 graphing software:


Setting up wireless alarms:

  1. First, establish wireless communication with the loggers.  For directions on getting started, please see the MadgeNET Introduction in Contents, found in the Help menu in MadgeNET.

  2. In the MadgeTech graphing software, select Wireless Alarm Setup from the Device menu.

  3. There is a list of active loggers in the top left hand corner of the Wireless Alarm Setup window.  Select the first logger to set alarms for, and then click Create New or Modify.

  4. Use the check boxes to select either a Screen Alarm, Email Alarm or both.  A Screen Alarm will put a dialog box on the screen in the graphing software if an alarm is triggered.  An Email Alarm will send an email to the designated recipient(s) if an alarm is triggered.

  5. Choose one of the three Notification Settings.

  6. Choose the Channel to alarm on from the dropdown box (i.e. Temperature).  Choose which Unit you wish to use for the alarms from the dropdown box (i.e. Celsius). 

  7. Use the check boxes to select either a Low Alarm or High Alarm.  Input the value to use as the alarm threshold, and click Add/Modify.  If this is Screen Alarm, skip to step 13.

  8. If this is an Email Alarm, click the Email tab to fill in the email information.

  9. The Server information can often be attained from your email program if you use Outlook, Thunderbird, or Live Mail.  Contact your system administrator if you cannot determine your Server information.  The MadgeTech graphing software does not work with email services that require SSL or TLS, such as gmail.  If you do not have a compatible email service, consider using a free AOL email account (see AOL account setup procedure below).

  10. For the Sender Information, enter the name and email address that the Alarm email will come from.

  11. For the Recipient Information, enter the name and address of the recipient(s) to receive the alarm.  To enter multiple recipients, use a semicolon as a delimiter between each recipient, matching the name with the email by the order they are in.  Most cell phone providers offer a email address format that can be used to send text messages (i.e. for Verizon wireless).

  12. Click the Send a test Email/Text message button to test the settings. 

  13. If the settings are correct, click the OK button to finish this alarm.

  14. Repeat for each logger that needs alarms.

  15. It is recommended to use Save Setup to File to store the alarm settings in a file that can be loaded later if the software is closed or restarted.


If a compatible email server is not available, set up a free AOL account for wireless alarms.

  1. Set up a free AOL email account at by clicking the Mail button, then the link Sign up for a FREE account.

  2. Follow steps 1-7  (above) to set up the parameters for the wireless alarm, then click the Email tab.

  3. The Server Address is

  4. The Port Number is 587

  5. My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication should be CHECKED and the User Name and Password will be your AOL screen name and password.

  6. Proceed to Step 10 above to complete the email alarm.