pH-Rugged ATC Cable

pH-Rugged ATC Cable with built-in RTD probe.

Only for use with the pH-Rugged Electrode.



The pH-Rugged ATC Cable (10 ft.) connects to the pH-Rugged Electrode and has a built-in RTD probe, providing automatic temperature compensation (ATC). The pH-Rugged ATC Cable or pH-Rugged Cable are required for use of the pH-Rugged Electrode.


DimensionspH-Rugged Electrode: 3 in x 0.9 in (76 mm x 23 mm)
pH-Rugged Cable: 120 in x 0.83 in (3048 mm x 21 mm)
pH-Rugged ATC Cable: 120 in x 1.3 in (3048 mm x 33 mm)


pH Rugged Series Data Sheet 

Part Numbers

pH-Rugged ATC Cable — 900982-00