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The Simplicity of Steam Sterilization

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Despite the many sterilization methods available today, steam sterilization continues to rise as a top choice because of its simple yet effective decontamination method. Through the use of an autoclave, this process involves four parameters: steam, pressure, temperature and time. A successful cycle directly exposes the contaminated items to steam at the required temperature and pressure for the specified time.

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HVAC Systems Keep Passengers Comfortable During Travel

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In the United States and Europe, government agencies have established regulations for the transportation of animals, including that shipping climates be maintained between 45 °F to 85 °F. However, there are no such standards in place for travelers in the sky, on the rails, or on the ground.

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Managing Alternative Energy Production

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Alternative energy facilities are continuing to pop up around the world as countries implement strict environmental policies. In order to successfully deliver resources, an efficient energy management system must be in place with the goal of conserving resources while reducing costs. To achieve this systematic approach, data loggers are used throughout the process to coordinate the conversion, distribution and use of energy to meet requirements.

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