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Kelly Wright joined the MadgeTech team in May of 2016 as a Marketing Content Writer, bringing with her years of education and firsthand experience in media and communications. Kelly is a key contributor in researching and developing interesting, valuable content. As a certified HACCP manager, Kelly demonstrates her expertise at events and tradeshows around the country representing MadgeTech.

Top 3 Pros and Cons of Hydroponic Systems

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Thinking about ditching the mess and trading those bags of soil for a hydroponic system? You may be on to something, but before you make the switch, get a grasp of the advantages and disadvantages of the growing medium before picking out the right hydro system for your operation.

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Implementing HACCP: The Importance of Prerequisite Programs

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HACCP was developed in the late 1950s, but changes continue to be made to simplify the process, making it easier to implement and maintain. But it wasn’t until the late 1980s when the International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Food (ICMSF) released a HACCP publication outlining hazard analysis.

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Celebrating 20 Years in Business (Infographic)

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At times, 1996 can seem like eons ago, and other times it seems like just yesterday. 1996 was a year when the New York Yankees came out on top, almost a decade before the Red Sox finally broke the Curse of the Bambino. The Chicago Bulls found similar luck in 1996 with their star player, Michael Jordan, who has since retired from the sport not once, but twice.  However, not everything from that year goes out of style like the infamous “Rachel” haircut; MadgeTech, founded in 1996, continues to maintain the same values and standards it has for 20 years… and counting.

While some may have considered it Mission: Impossible, Norman Carlson started MadgeTech in the garage of his Warner, New Hampshire home back in 1996. Today, MadgeTech is located just miles away from that very spot in the company’s 18,000 square foot headquarters, which houses every aspect of the company and its more than 50 dedicated employees.

Instead of watching ER or doing the Macarena, Norman was hard at work designing and creating data loggers to help simplify the monitoring needs for some of the world’s most profitable industries. Manufacturing products that assist with food safety, medical device sterilization and transportation reliability, it’s no wonder why MadgeTech now has over 100 distributors in nearly 100 different countries.

Unlike the Space Jam website, MadgeTech continues to update their website with valuable content and new products developed by MadgeTech’s team of engineers, to continually integrate cutting edge technologies and software. Evolving from the vision of a man in a garage, to a worldwide leader in data logging solutions, MadgeTech remains committed to its customers, “To Infinity and Beyond”.