Canada may not be known for its wine, but the industry is a significant driver to the country, generating more than $6 billion a year. It's an industry that has potential to thrive if it wasn't for the cold winters and short growing season. Dr. Mehdi Sharifi, a professor at Trent University's School of Environment, has a solution that could be a game changer, just grow the wine grapes indoors.

Winter in Canada can be brutal, especially to the grape vine. Cold or erratic temperatures can damage the wood and bud tissues, which adds up to an expensive loss for grape growers. Vines that need to be replaced can take three to five years to produce grapes, costing growers $10,000 to $15,000 an acre to maintain, without seeing any income. Dr. Sharifi's research shows by bringing production indoors, vines grow three times faster, taking new vines only one to two years harvest.

There's just one small issue with growing wine grapes indoors, you can't use field potting soil. Dr. Sharifi created a special formula made up of natural ingredients that supplies nutrients to the grapes for a long period of time, opening up new opportunities for organic production. Together, the formula and stable environmental conditions of the indoors simulates a natural growing season year round! Since vines grow faster indoors, growers can double or triple yearly yields. The result has Dr. Sharifi optimistic, but he admits more work needs to be done before growers can implement changes.

Data loggers play an important role in monitoring temperature and humidity throughout growing, production, storage and shipping for the wine industry. MadgeTech data loggers help simplify daily tasks wine processors must follow to ensure quality, freshness and taste. MadgeTech even designed the 2000A wireless data logger series which features customizable alarm settings that notifies users when conditions are above or below thresholds. When used in conjunction with MadgeTech Cloud Services, users are able to keep an eye on their product, from any internet enabled device, from anywhere in the world.

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For a fun look at how data loggers play a role in wine production, check out this infographic.

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