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Hyperloop One Eyeing Routes in the U.S.

4/11/17 12:31 PM

High-speed transit company, Hyperloop One, is back in the spotlight after announcing its completion of the world's first and only full-scale Hyperloop test track last week. The DevLoop, stretches 500 meters long and is located about 30 minutes from Las Vegas in the Nevada desert. On the heels of its latest achievement, Hyperloop One is now eyeing 35 potential routes worldwide, with 11 of those routes in the United States.

In an effort to reduce transport and cargo time in the country's most heavily trafficked regions, the 11 teams presented routes linking 35 cities, covering more than 2,800 miles. They join 24 other teams across the globe vying to become one of the three winners to work with Hyperloop One for further project development.

The Hyperloop One is able to shuttle passengers and cargo at the speed of sound using electric propulsion through a low pressure tube. Using magnets to levitate the travel pod, it can glide at speeds upwards of 700 miles per hour for long distances.

The following U.S. routes are under consideration by Hyperloop One's panel of experts:

    Boston-Somersworth-Providence 64 miles
    Cheyenne-Houston 1152 miles
    Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh 488 miles
    Colorado Front Range/Mtn. Network 360 miles
    Colorado Front Range 242 miles
    Kansas City-St. Louis 240 miles
    Los Angeles-San Diego 121 miles
    Miami-Orlando 257 miles
    Reno-Las Vegas 454 miles
    Seattle-Portland 173 miles
    Texas Triangle 640 miles


The longest distance proposal, Cheyenne-Houston would run 1,152 miles across four states. That's a 17 hour road trip, but on the Hyperloop One that long haul is drastically reduced to just an hour and 45 minutes. Although a project like this would come with a hefty price tag, Hyperloop One argues that it would allow manufacturers to relocate to cheaper land and let people live farther from expensive cities, all while reducing traffic.

With routes in five countries already under development and a test of the full system expected to take place this year, Hyperloop One is steadily moving towards its goal of carrying cargo by 2020 and passengers by 2021.

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