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MadgeTech Cooling Flags Benefit the Meat and Poultry Industries

11/18/15 10:01 AM

MadgeTech recently launched the latest version of data logging software, MadgeTech This update came packed with new features, one of those being the enhanced cooling flags functionality. Multiple cooling flags can now be configured and alerts can be sent to the user when specific temperature conditions are met.

Cooling flags are almost exclusively used in the meat and poultry industry for the cooling of smoked or cooked meats and poultry. Cooking meat is a regulated process that requires temperature values to meet standards within the regulated period of time throughout the cooling process. Verification of this cooling process must also be available for compliance validation. Data loggers are used to record and track the specified cooking and cooling temperatures, and the cooling flags feature inserts annotations within a graph that specify (flag) when certain temperature thresholds are met as the meat cools.

With the enhanced cooling flags, when the temperature drops and a cooling flag is reached, but the temperature then rises above this cooling flag by 5 degrees or more, the software knows something is wrong. An alert will be generated and any other cooling flags that are set will be cancelled. This notifies the user immediately when the cooling process is disrupted and provides the opportunity to correct the problem before any meat product is compromised. 

In the meat industry, the RFOT Wireless Meat Data Logger is widely used and built to last. This data logger can withstand the harsh smokehouse environment while accurately recording internal meat temperature with its built-in rugged probe.

An example of the cooling flags as displayed on a report in the MadgeTech 4 data logging software.

With a Madgetech wireless data logger, cooling flags are displayed within the software while the data logger is in use, giving you real-time updates wirelessly. The use of multiple cooling flags allows you to see how much time has passed between each flag while also allowing you to monitor the cooling process for multiple, consecutive cycles.

A cooling flag data summary is displayed in the report properties, clearly and concisely, making the information available for records or reference. This feature saves time and simplifies the reporting process required for product safety validation.

MadgeTech continues to develop features and improvements that assist the meat, poultry and food industries with simplified compliance and validation. To learn more about the MadgeTech Data Logger Software click here.

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