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French Wine Production Hit Hard by Bad Weather & Brexit

8/31/16 8:49 AM

Enjoying a glass of your favorite French wine could soon cost you more then you're typically used to spending, so now's the time to stock up! Not only has the sudden temperature changes this spring taken a toll on production, but the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union is also expected to impact the industry.

Due to springtime hailstorms, frost, followed by a heatwave, production is forecasted to be 10% lower than last year from 42.9 million hectolitres to 47.8 million hectolitres. In Champagne, one of the worst hits regions, wine production is expected to drop by a third. In Languedoc-Roussillon, production will fall about 9%, with harvest of chardonnay and some rosé wines down 40%. Not only does the inclement weather mean a loss of revenue, but it also means winemakers must keep an eye out for rot and mildew outbreaks.

A wine merchant tells the BBC that wine prices are on the rise in the United Kingdom because of euro and the Brexit's impact on transportation. Eventually, the reserves will run out at supermarkets and merchants say unless the pound rebounds following the Brexit vote, we can expect to see a markup in the cost of goods. In late May, the pound slumped against the euro falling from €1.3 to €1.17, making imports priced in euro substantially more expensive.

The cold snap is also taking a toll on rankings. France will likely not be able to take back the title as the world's biggest wine producer, falling behind Italy who claimed the crown last year.

To ensure quality and taste, MadgeTech offers a line of data loggers to monitor temperature and humidity from the vineyard to the bottle. The small devices allow winemakers can follow their product each step of the way from fermentation, to shipping and storage. To view the line of data logger specifically for wine production and processing, click here.

For a fun look at how data loggers play a role in wine production, check out this infographic.

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