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Canned Wine Surging in Sales

2/21/17 9:16 AM

Courtesy: Union Wine Company

Wine comes in bottles and boxes of all sizes, but the $303 billion industry is embracing something brewers have been doing since the 1930s, wine in a can! The genius idea is blowing minds and raking in 125% in sales in just one years' time, which adds up to $16.4 million.

The alternative packaging was quickly adopted by Union Wine Co. in 2013, and has resulted in a three-year growth of 168%. To keep up with the competition, Union Wine is rolling out two new products later this year and is even launching a seasonal line of wine coolers.

Canning wine makes it possible to meet the needs consumers are looking for in a beverage; portability and the option to buy their beverages cold. The lined, aluminum cans are also friendlier to the environment than traditional packaging, and also allows the wine to continue to age without the influence of light or air.

Convenience is king, with a can of wine equal to about two glasses right in the palm of your hand. Although the concept is nothing new, the alternative packaging has mainly millennials ditching the corkscrews and bulky boxes of wine for cans that can easily be cracked open.

To preserve quality, freshness and the flavor of wine, wine makers must constantly monitor the temperature and humidity of the product. To help ensure quality from the vineyard to the tables, MadgeTech offers data loggers specifically for wine makers to temperature and humidity exposure throughout production, shipping and storage. To view the entire line of data logging solutions for wine makers, click here.

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