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Knowledge Base

When installing the Wind101A, refer to the following:

- Mount the anemometer vertically in an open area, as high as possible, preferably on a pole.

- Mount the anemometer using a cotter pin on a 0.5in. (13 mm) diameter mast with a #35 hole, 0.35 in. (11 mm) from the top.

- The anemometer is non-directional, and measures wind blowing in any horizontal direction. To ensure the most accurate readings, adjust the anemometer on the bracket so that it is level.

- Run the provided cable to the location where the data logger will be mounted, securing it roughly every 2 feet.

- There are 4 mounting holes (0.2 in. (5mm) diameter spaced 2.5 in. (63.5mm) square) on the weather resistant enclosure.