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The MadgeTech data logger software cannot open my COM port because of a Port in use error. What is wrong?

The MadgeTech software should not report the Port in use error unless the port is in use by Windows or another process. (It will sometimes also report the Invalid port error if the port is in use, depending on the PC.) Check the computer for other programs that may be using the port, such as other data acquisition and control software, or an interface to a handheld PDA such as a Palm Pilot® or iPAQ® (these programs are generally named HotSync or ActiveSync). Also check to make sure you have not accidentally opened up a second instance of the MadgeTech software. Another option is to use an IFC200 interface cable, which works with a USB port. A USB to Serial adapter could also be used to provide a standard COM port compatible with the IFC110 cable.