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I have recently purchased a data logger and am having issues communicating with it from my computer via the RS232 PC interface cable (IFC110).

If your IFC110 isn't working, make sure you know what COM port and baud rate you are using. Most built-in PC COM ports are designated as COM1, but this will vary by model. You may also be using a USB to Serial (RS232) adapter, which sets the COM port during installation. Check the COM ports that are available on your PC in the Windows Device Manager (located in the System Control Panel) under Ports: COM and LPT. Once you have determined which COM port you will use, select it in the Communication menu. Make sure the baud rate is set to match your data logger (as indicated on the product label). Most 101 series data loggers communicate at 2400 baud, and 110 series data loggers communicate at 57,600 baud. Also, make sure the stereo headphone plug is fully inserted into the data logger and the RS232 cable is fully inserted into the COM port.