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Data Logging ApplicationsMadgeTech designs and manufactures data loggers, which can be applied to a variety of different fields. MadgeTech maintains its mission to continually incorporate new features and capabilities for data loggers and data logging applications.



Sterilization Data Loggers

Data loggers and complete systems for EtO sterilization, dry heat sterilization, depyrogention and steam sterilization.


Medical Data Loggers

Common medical applications for data loggers include vaccine monitoring, cold chain, lyophilization and laboratory monitoring.


Pharmaceutical Data Loggers

Monitor and record critical parameters during the manufacturing, shipping and storage of pharmaceuticals.


Food Data Loggers

Data loggers ideal for measuring, recording, and wirelessly transmitting data during cooking, shipping and storage of food products.



Monitoring the environmental parameters of various storage units including freezers, refrigerators and warehouses.


Shipping/Transportation Data Loggers

Shipping data loggers for monitoring and recording shock, temperature and humidity during transportation.


Energy Data Loggers

Energy data loggers including devices for recording pressure, temperature, current voltage, pulse, event, state and motion.


Building/Structural Data Loggers

Versatile data logging tools to ensure building structurally safety, indoor air quality and the monitoring HVAC systems.


Manufacturing/Equipment Data Loggers

Data loggers designed to be used in manufacturing applications, including equipment monitoring, machinery troubleshooting, counting/totalizing and event recording.


Environmental Data Loggers

Data loggers for measuring wind speed, temperature, humidity, pH, rainfall, soil moisture and barometric pressure.

Museum & Art Preservation

Museum and Art Preservation Data Loggers

Data loggers to monitor and record temperature, humidity and shock levels for art preservation and during storage, transport or while on display.


Aerospace Data Loggers

Measuring and recording data around the world and beyond.