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Data Loggers

MadgeTech Data LoggersMadgeTech designs and manufactures data loggers; small, battery-powered, intelligent, electronic devices that measure and record physical parameters such as temperature, humidity, shock and more. This type of data is critical to the success of countless industries around the globe. Our data loggers are complimented by our custom data logging software, which is unsurpassed in ease of use, performance and powerful analytical tools. As technology improves, MadgeTech maintains its mission to continually incorporate new features and capabilities for data loggers and data logging solutions.



Wireless Data Loggers

Wireless (RF) data loggers feature real-time, continuous monitoring capabilities with the ability to connect with MadgeTech Cloud Services.


Temperature Data Loggers

Temperature data loggers for ultra-low temperature (cryo), extreme high-temperature, wireless, RTD (resistance temperature detector) and thermocouple options.


Humidity Data Loggers

Full line of humidity data loggers ideal for a variety of industries displaying relative humidity, dew point and water vapor concentration.


Pressure Data Loggers

Rugged, submersible, stainless steel pressure data loggers to monitor flow rate, steam pressure and more.


Pulse/Event/State Data Loggers

MadgeTech offers a full product line of pulse, event and state data loggers.


Current/Voltage Data Loggers

Current and voltage data loggers feature time and date-stamped data as well as user-defined engineering units, for simple data conversions.


Stock/Vibration Data Loggers

Shock and vibration data loggers are perfect for accurately and easily monitoring goods in transit, shipment containers, airplanes and more.

Water Level

Water Level Data Loggers

Level data loggers monitor and record water level and temperature data for many applications.


Wind Data Loggers

Data loggers designed to measure and record wind speed and temperature.


pH Data Loggers

Data loggers for use with pH and RTD temperature probes.


Bridge/Strain Data Loggers

Designed for use with strain gauges, load cells and pressure transducers, bridge and strain data loggers are ideal for civil engineering applications where the collection of strain data is required.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide Data Loggers

Accurate and easy to use data logging systems to monitor carbon dioxide and air quality.


Motion Data Loggers

Motion data loggers can be used in a variety of industries to record time intervals during which motion occurs.


Data Logger Systems

Data logger systems are designed to be all in one solution for data logging needs in a variety of industries and applications.


MadgeTech Software

Data logger software allows for the advanced analysis and reporting in compliance with industry regulations.