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Quality Statement

MadgeTech is committed to providing the customer with the most reliable product at an affordable price. We are here to serve customers to the best of our ability, saving them time and money. We offer simple no hassle ordering as well as excellent customer service.

MadgeTech hopes with our commitment to servicing you, our customer, you will find us your one stop for ordering all your data logger needs.

  • MadgeTech designs and manufactures all data loggers here in the USA.
  • Calibration Certificates are available for most products.
  • Our products are respected worldwide.
  • The MadgeTech product line runs from low priced quantity items through custom made devices.

When Quality, Reliability and Accuracy count, MadgeTech products add up.

About Us

MadgeTech is a privately owned business located in the beautiful hills of small town Warner, New Hampshire.  We are a personable company where we view each of our customers as a valuable asset.  When you call, we will attempt to provide you with the best service possible.

MadgeTech has continuously developed innovative products and solutions for our clients around the world.  We are dedicated to producing high quality, innovative products at affordable prices to a wide range of customers. We have been able to accomplish an excellent growth record in all areas of business through continuous improvements in design, customer service and quality.

Our growing network of distributors has expanded our presence to markets far beyond our small town of Warner. Our trained engineers and technicians provide solid support and service for all the products we manufacture.

MadgeTech data loggers are small, battery powered, intelligent electronic devices that record measurements of physical parameters in the world for later retrieval by a computer.  As the technology improves, significant achievements in performance can be made.  MadgeTech has defined its mission as incorporating the latest technology into its data loggers as soon as it becomes available.  At MadgeTech, we are taking the lead when it comes to price/performance as we have an unrelenting commitment to pursue performance improvements in our existing data loggers as well as designing and developing new data loggers.


Our employees have been chosen with commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in mind.  We are always available on Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00 Eastern Standard Time, and you will more than likely find us here early, late and on weekends.  This is how dedicated our team of employees is to providing you the customer with the best products and services we can.  Hard work and determination is what MadgeTech was built on.

Behind the full range of MadgeTech's high quality products is the cumulative expertise of experienced engineers, manufacturing & electronic professionals and technicians.  Each sales engineer can offer technical advice to assist you in selecting the right products for your application and can also assist you with commissioning and after sales service if required.

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