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Monitoring Shocks and Vibrations

3/18/14 3:22 AM

UltraShock, MadgeTech's Shock Data LoggerScientists, researchers, business and transportation experts all have applications that require the deployment of shock and vibration data loggers. Shock Data Loggers monitor a range of activities, some shock loggers have the ability to additionally track temperature, humidity and pressure.

Many shock data loggers are used to track geological developments, as mankind seeks to unlock the mysteries of how, when and why earthquakes occur. But there are other, more subtle uses of data loggers that measure shock and vibration. They can provide much-needed data on the stability of environments where the lack of motion is essential.

Shock and vibration data loggers are often used to track movements in areas where keeping things stable is at a premium. Among them are moving vehicles, trucks, containers and ships, where cargo moving around can be dangerous or create damage that results in lost income, delays and general problems. By monitoring these events, the data can tell the user where improvements can be made in vehicle stability, packaging and padding, allowing goods to remain suspended in a protective environment and ensuring that they arrive safely and without damage.

Shock and vibration detectors are also used in production environments. Delicate instrumentation, custom fabrications and electronics equipment can all be damaged by excessive motion, so data loggers can pinpoint where exactly problems occur and adjustments need to be made. Such tools are invaluable parts of many production facilities, as they track the subtle and hidden challenges of producing delicate goods that need precision.

Another area that relies upon shock and vibration data sensors is the medical environment. Data Loggers are sometimes used to monitor patients who must remain immobilized for long periods of time. In terms of medicine, where efficacy is at a premium, making sure the containers are stable is also of great importance. 

Well designed shock and vibration data loggers are rugged and can be deployed in remote areas without regard to temperature, water or other hazards that may affect the collected results. They also should have a solid-state memory and a long-term battery capable of operating for hours on end, without draining or affecting the memory already logged.

MadgeTech offers a selection of rugged and reliable shock data loggers, along with world class data logging software. The MadgeTech Data Logging Software is a powerful toolset to give users what they need in regards to analyzing, sharing and weilding the data collected.

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