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MadgeTech releases the RFCurrent2000A Wireless Current Data Logger

1/15/14 11:04 AM

RFCurrent2000A, MadgeTech's Wireless Current Data LoggerMadgeTech, Inc., a global leader in innovative data logging solutions, is excited to add the RFCurrent2000A Wireless Current Data Logger to our wireless series of data loggers. This data logger is optimized for the monitoring of DC current signals, used for such applications as Process Control, testing and verification, Energy Studies, Battery Usage Studies and particularly for (PV) Photovoltaic research to monitor current sourced from solar cells over time.

The RFCurrent2000A is available in three different models, 20mA, 160mA and a 3A measurement range. All models feature a terminal port input connection and can be used with a wide variety of sensors for different applications (sensors not included). The RFCurrent2000A can be interfaced with output sensors for monitoring flow rate, pressure monitoring, pH transmitters and more.

As with all MadgeTech Wireless Data Loggers, you can start, stop and download your data wirelessly, allowing less time maintaining the data logger and more time in use. Real time data can be transferred to a central PC or downloaded at periodic intervals. The added benefit of a digital display provides current readings in addition to minimum, maximum and average statistics. The new statistic reset feature, now standard with all 2000A series data loggers, allows the user to reset the statistical count of the logger without needing the software every time. This feature still keeps the pervious recorded data, allowing for easy retrieval from the software. Out of range notifications are signaled by an audible buzzer and an LED light alarm that notifies the user when the condition is above or below the desired threshold set by the user. Other notifications such as email, on-screen and text message alerts can also be configured.

This wireless data logger can be utilized as a single standalone logging system or can be expanded to a larger scale system that can include hundreds of other loggers; (additional MadgeTech wireless data loggers and transceivers may be required.) The RFCurrent2000A uses the latest MadgeTech 4 software, available to download free from

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