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MadgeTech Introduces New Ultra Rugged Probe Design for the RFOT

2/20/14 9:54 AM

MadgeTech's RFOT has a New Rugged Probe DesignMadgeTech is the leader in data logging solutions for the Meat Industry and beyond. We continually work to improve and enhance loggers and systems that those industries rely upon. We are excited to announce the latest enhancement to the top selling RFOT wireless meat data logger probe. This durable, rugged probe redesign is tough, ergonomic and built to stand up to the harshest environments and thousands of cycles.

The new probe style is unique; with a smooth, easy-grip handle, built out of a sturdy TECAFORM® material, making probe insertion and handling of the device simple and solid. The new probe style is a considerable enhancement for data logging in smoke houses and meat processing facilities of all sizes.

The RFOT data logger still has all of the standard great features including; wireless transmission, memory wrap around, convenient hook mount, IP67 splash proof rating, long-term field deployment and much more.

MadgeTech designs, engineers and builds all data loggers and systems in house, right here in the US. Driven to continually improve products and develop solutions to meet the challenges that our customers face each day. From data logging software, to data logger enhancements, consulting and services, we strive to offer the best in the business.

The RFOT uses the latest MadgeTech 4 software, available to download free from MadgeTech 4 software is an all-in-one package for storing files, creating formal reports, and performing in-depth analysis. Data downloading from data loggers is automatically saved to the internal file data base, ensuring original records are always maintained. Customizable graphical, tabular and statistic reports can be created to present to clients, auditors, or kept for a physical archive. The software features the ability to export to Excel®, data annotation, digital calibration and more.

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