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LTC-7PN-PK Lithium Battery

LTC-7PN-PK Lithium Battery

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LTC-7PN-PK Batteries Review by Garrett Zine
These have a great battery life and make my loggers reliable. Also, the price is great compaired to what I have found from other sources. (Posted on 11/5/12)
LTC-7PN-PK Batteries Review by David Johnson
product worked well and was as advertised. I am happy with this product. (Posted on 6/29/12)
LTC-7PN-PK Batteries Review by Nathan Lett
Just what I needed to restore functionality on my Process-101A loggers.

One caveat: When removing the old batteries from the loggers, I strongly suggest using a pair of needle-nose pliers to slowly pull each lead from the circuit board. DO NOT BEND THE BATTERY UPWARDS!

It might appear to make it easier to pull the battery out if you bend the leads upward, but you risk putting the circuit board under stress and breaking it. Slow and steady wins the race! (Posted on 5/22/12)

3 Item(s)

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