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How do I setup a screen or e-mail alarm for the RFOT and ThermAlert systems?

MadgeTech 2: Please watch the video that guides users through setting up both screen and e-mail alarms, as well as importing the alarms at a later time. Wireless Alarms Video

Tags: alarming rfot software thermalert wireless


Channel changes on RFC1000, RFOT, Therm-A-lert loggers

There are dip switches on the RFC1000s, RFOTs, and all models of Therm-A-lerts. There are four switches together labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4. These dip switches are what you use to configure the wireless c...

Tags: rfc1000 rfot thermalert wireless


Will the RFOT or ThermAlert still record if the PC is off?

The data logger will continue to record if the PC is off. After re-establishing communication with the Software, the recordings will update. If there is missing data in the readings, use the Stop and...

Tags: recovering data rfot thermalert wireless


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