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How do I set up alarms for my wireless data logger?

Please use the following instructions to set up wireless alarms in the MadgeTech 2 graphing software. In addition to these instructions, MadgeTech has also hosted a video on which walks...

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How do I setup a screen or e-mail alarm for the RFOT and ThermAlert systems?

MadgeTech 2: Please watch the video that guides users through setting up both screen and e-mail alarms, as well as importing the alarms at a later time. Wireless Alarms Video

Tags: alarming rfot software thermalert wireless


If the power goes out and my PC turns off, will the RFOT or ThermAlert still record?

Yes, if the PC turns off or if there is a power outage, the data logger will continue to record. Upon re-establishing communication with the Software, the recordings will typically backfill. If...

Tags: recovering data rfot thermalert wireless


Channel changes on RFC1000, RFOT, Therm-A-lert loggers

There are dip switches on the RFC1000s, RFOTs, and all models of Therm-A-lerts. There are four switches together labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4. These dip switches are what you use to configure the wireless c...

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