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Thermocouple Probe Temperature Detection

I recently purchased a data logger with a thermocouple probe. Does the probe detect temperature along the whole length of the probe? No. The thermocouple probe effectively measures the temperatu...

Tags: length probe temperature thermocouple


RTD Data Logger Displaying -200 Readings

I have an RTD data logger, when I real time record the display value is the correct temperature. If I try to start the device, after I download the data I get -200 for all logged readings. If yo...

Tags: probes rtd temperature


How do I Connect the ETR101A to an Exhaust Pipe?

Connecting the ETR101A Data Logger to an Exhaust Pipe: Additional Materials Needed for installing the ETR101A:- 68 x 4 x 4 weatherhead- 1/4” NPT Coupler Weld the Coupler into the exhaust p...

Tags: etr101a temperature


TC101A/ETR101A not communicating after the firmware upgrade

I have a TC101A/ETR101A data logger and I just did the trigger setting firmware upgrade but now I cannot communicate with my data logger. If you just performed the ETR101A or TC101A firmware upg...

Tags: etr101a firmware tc101a temperature


Can the data loggers with 316 stainless steel enclosures be used in salt water?

Can the data loggers with 316 stainless steel enclosures be used in salt water? 316 stainless data loggers, like the HiTemp150 and MicroTemp, are generally considered to okay for using in salt w...

Tags: hitemp150 microtemp temperature


How do I change the Thermocouple in a TCTemp1000?

TCTemp1000 Data Logger Thermocouple Change Procedure Changing the thermocouple in a TCTemp1000 data logger can be completed by following the steps found in the TCTemp1000 Thermocouple Change Pro...

Tags: tctemp1000 temperature


What is the Marking Feature?

Marking is a feature that is available on the TransiTempII, TransiTempII-RH and the Cryo-Temp data loggers. When the magnetic wand is passed over the start mark while the data logger is recording, i...

Tags: cryo-temp humidity temperature transitempii transitempii-rh


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