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USB driver Error occurred while copying mtiunin.exe

When I try to install the USB interface drivers I get an error copying driver file mtiunin.exe. What am I doing wrong? In some cases, a mtiunin.exe error is due to the drivers already being insta...

Tags: driver error ifc200 ifc300 ifc400 mtiunin.exe software


Error: Plugged IFC200 in Before Installing Drivers

I have inadvertently plugged in my IFC200 before installing the USB interface drivers, and cant get the software to find the cable. What can I do to fix this? It is always best to make sure that...

Tags: drivers ifc200 software


I just upgraded my firmware and now my logger doesn't work.

I just upgraded my firmware, now my logger won’t work. Many of the firmware upgrades available for MadgeTech data loggers are only compatible with newer versions of the MadgeTech software....

Tags: firmware software


The software says “Unable to find active device” with my new loggers, but my old loggers still work.

The software says “Unable to find active device” with my new loggers, but my old loggers still work. Many of MadgeTech’s newer loggers require newer versions of the MadgeTech s...

Tags: software


Software Splash Screen Appears, then Program Fails to Open

After I install the MadgeTech software for the first time, why does the splash screen briefly appear and then the program fails to open? If the splash screen shows and then the software doesn't...

Tags: software software doesn't open splash screen


Start Device Error

I am receiving the error message "An error occurred while loading the Start Device dialog". How do I fix this? This error is usually due to a version conflict with newer data loggers and the con...

Tags: error software


Strange Characters Appearing in Device ID

My data logger's start date, device ID, or other setting contains strange values or characters. How do I fix this? A low battery or environmental hazards such as static discharge or mechanical s...

Tags: error software


33795 Error

 I am receiving the error message: Invalid Start Date (33795). How do I fix this? This is usually due to using old software to communicate with a data logger launched by newer software. Thi...

Tags: error software


Temp1000S Data Logger identifies as Temp1000P

I have a Temp1000S data logger, but after identifying the device it reads Temp1000P, what's wrong? The Temp1000P, Temp1000S, and Temp1000FP data loggers are all based around the same electr...

Tags: indentifying the device software temp1000fp temp1000p temp1000s


Port in Use Error

The MadgeTech data logger software cannot open my COM port because of a Port in use error. What is wrong? The MadgeTech software should not report the Port in use error unless the port is in use...

Tags: com port port in use error software


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