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The "PreInstaller.exe" USB Driver Installer Won't Run - How to install drivers manually

The following applies to the IFC200, IFC202, IFC300, IFC400, and RFC1000. The standard method of installing the USB drivers is to run the "PreInstaller.exe" USB driver installation utility before plu...

Tags: driver drivers ifc ifc200 ifc202 ifc300 ifc400 interface cables manual install preinstaller preinstaller.exe rfc1000 usb


IFC200/IFC202/IFC300/IFC400 Troubleshooting

I'm having trouble with my Interface cable (IFC200, IFC202, IFC300, IFC400). MadgeTech 4: Please follow the steps below to install the USB drivers: Your interface cable (for example, IFC200, IF...

Tags: ifc200 ifc202 ifc300 interface cable troubleshooting interface faqs


Which interface cable do I need?

To choose the correct interface cable, please refer to the Interface Cable compatibility chart.

Tags: ifc200 ifc202 ifc300 ifc400 interface cables rfc1000


How do I choose the right interface cable?

Certain interface cables will only operate with specific data loggers. The following information will help with determining the correct interface cable for your MadgeTech data logger. Quick Referen...

Tags: ifc102 ifc103 ifc110 ifc200 ifc202 ifc300 ifc400 interface cables rfc1000 rfc101a rfc200a


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